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Nate Douglas is the bold fighter House District 37 needs in Tallahassee, representing the interests of hard-working families instead of corporate monopolies.



Nate was born in Central Florida to two hardworking first-generation Americans. His father is a small business owner and landscaper from Jamaica, and his mother is a public school teacher from France. During the 2008 financial crisis, Nate's family nearly lost their home. This was when his father decided to open up a small business and his mother took on a part-time job at Universal Studios to keep the lights on. Nate went to high school in Apopka, where he enrolled in the engineering magnet program. During this time, Nate would reflect on his childhood and think about how unfair it was that life was much different for kids simply based on where they were born.

As an environmental advocate, Nate was first elected to public office in 2020 as a Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor, where he fought to protect our land and vital waterways. Prior to his election to the Soil and Water Conservation District, Nate was a call center agent for the Department of Economic Opportunity, helping Floridians navigate their reemployment benefit claims during COVID-19. At 20 years old, Nate became a substitute teacher for Orange County Public Schools.

In 2023, Nate graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in food and resource economics with a specialization in agribusiness marketing and management, and he's pursuing a graduate degree in information systems and operations management with a specialization in data science. Upon moving back to Orlando, Nate became a policy researcher and returned to political and climate organizing. 

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