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Nate Douglas is the bold fighter House District 37 needs in Tallahassee, representing the interests of hard-working families instead of corporate monopolies.



Nate is the youngest of two hard-working first generation Americans who taught him the importance of perseverance and education. Like millions of other American families, Nate's family nearly lost their house during the 2008 financial crisis. His father decided to open a landscaping business to make extra cash on the side and his mother, a public school teacher, took on a part-time job at Universal Studios during the Summer breaks.

Over-construction and an unregulated market that values profit over people caused the housing crisis. Today, insurance companies and large management companies are taking advantage of Central Floridians, driving up costs and forcing many residents out of their homes. Nate has fought back against the destruction of our lands for urban sprawl while our communities lack the funds for public transit and increased walkability. 

Instead of dealing with the affordability crisis and our damaged environment, our state government is threatening teachers, stripping away reproductive freedom, and standing with the insurance industry over consumers and homeowners. Nate is running for the State House to fight for everyone, lowering our housing costs, restoring reproductive freedom, and protecting our rights to a clean environment.

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